Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I'm not so sure she likes me.

But some things overcome adversity.

And besides, who wouldn't love this face? 


Foster meowmy said the shelf in front of the window was SUPPOSED to belong to her. She's wrong. It belongs to ME (and Howdy).


  1. Warning to foster meowmy: I lost the top of a perfectly good magazine to such stealthy incursions. Everything put on top somehow ended up on the floor... no culprit was ever caught in the act, but OOT, who sleeps only there, has a smoking paw...

  2. The above should be "magazine rack" for those who are confused....

  3. Dru,

    There's a good two linear feet of blank space available for them (not to mention what's behind my monitor). As much as I hate to lose that space, I know a battle I'm going to lose when I see one. And that one I'd lose. Ollie and Howdy are having FAR too much fun watching birds/squirrels out that window for me to ever even THINK about using that space for my stuff.


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