Monday, February 28, 2011

I don't mind....

I suppose I could be jealous, but that'd be a really bad thing for a handsome black cat like me.

Meowmy doesn't have as much time for me and Howdy as she normally does because she's been volunteering with the local Humane Society shelter. She's updating the Petfinder stuff. That hadn't been done in ages and ages....*I* wasn't even out there when I was staying there. Can you IMAGINE???? No WONDER I was there so long!

So anyway, meowmy is doing that for them and told me she's going to keep doing it so all the doggies and kitties who need forever homes get seen. There are HUNDREDS of them still not in homes...not even foster homes.

The really neat news is she heard from the adoption manager this morning and he said he'd walked in this morning to 43 emails asking about available dogs and cats!!

Isn't that GREAT??? I'm keeping my paws crossed they ALL adopt!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Black Cat Friday, February 25, 2011

Today's Black Cat Friday is.......................Ollie!

I didn't get any submissions for BCF, and Ollie was interested in a horse race replay, so I snapped a couple of photos. He can't quite figure out what's going on, but he seems to be more interested in horse racing than he is a mouse pointer hunting.

I can't wait for him to figure out the TV when it's tuned to the spring classics. *g*

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday's Waco Shelter Feature Cat

I'm trying something a bit new today and featuring a cat from the shelter we fostered/adopted Ollie from.

There's a lovely senior tuxie lady over at the Central Texas Humane Society who is looking for her forever home. She's been there since September, so it's past time. If you've got room and are looking for a sweet little lady, Lucia is her name. The number to call is 254-754-1454. You'll need her name and her ID number A11420789.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011 cats!!

I'm still without a black cat for Black Cat Friday. If you're a black cat or know one, check out the requirements here:
Blog'n Waco Foster Cat: Announcing Black Cat Friday

Also, sadly, it's looking like Shelter Cat Saturday isn't getting any interest. Not sure I'll make a decision about it for a couple of weeks, but I've only had a couple of submissions despite emailing a slew of shelters and rescue groups, so it may just not work. :(

Tuesday's Artful Cats 2/22/2011

Today's Artful Cats is for you black cat crafty types. The web is full of cross stitch, and it's particularly full of our favorite subject, so I narrowed the field a bit...cross stitch of black cats.

(Some of these links actually have more than one pattern available, so be sure and look carefully.)

Out on a Limb

Easter Parade








Flower Cat


Ling Chu




Cat fish II
Chat Noir
Close up
Eye to Eye
Rite of passage
Cat and Yarn
All cracked up
Black Magic

Fell In

Monday, February 21, 2011

Waco Black Cats In Need


I know it's not Saturday, but I didn't get a Shelter Cat Saturday post up (real life again!), but one of the employees at the Waco Humane Society let me know about three senior black cats that just simply MUST get out of the shelter environment.

They're seniors and they really need help. If you've got room, or know someone who can foster, PLEASE contact the shelter at 754-1454 and tell them you heard this from Donna. Emily is the contact in the cat area, so asking to speak with her is probably your best bet. Refer to the cats by their A number (listed) and names.

All of the cats need help, but Smokey is the most critical. He's incredibly stressed, and the beginnings of a URI have surfaced. He quit eating last week, and Emily said that if he doesn't start eating, he will probably be PTS within the next day or so.

URGENT - Smokey (A12395192) 7 yo declawed neutered male, must get out of the shelter Monday 2/21; very stressed, not eating, sneezing! 
Mindy Sue, 12 yo declawed female at HSCT needs out of the shelter stress! Her owners moved and left her outside, her fur is so matted she will have to be completely SHAVED. She hisses sometimes but LOVES being petted. Call 254-754-1454 for more info. (A12418112)
 And a pair that do need to go together, Betsy and Pedro (yeah, Pedro is a tabby, but he's got a black buddy to go with him, so he qualifies by default. *g*)
Betsy A12297767, 8 years old, spayed female, front declawed. Needs to be adopted with Pedro. VERY touchy, NO kids unless they are ok with a cat they can't touch, NO dogs.

Pedro A12297698, 8 years old, neutered male, front declawed. Needs to be adopted with Betsy.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday with Ollie, February 20, 2011

Some days there's no cooperation. :(

Do you HAVE to do this?

Not Ollie, but more cooperative. :)

"You may own a cat, but cannot govern one." 
- Kate Sanborn