Saturday, February 5, 2011

Shelter Cat Saturday - 2/5/2011

Today's Shelter Cat is Ricky, and he comes from the Austin, Texas area, and is a part of the Tuxedo Junction family of rescue cats who are looking for their forever homes.

(Foster meowmy says it's a good thing we're not in Austin or I'd have a new playmate! ~ Ollie)

Tuxedo Junction Rescue is a private, no-kill rescue group, with a focus on rescuing black & white ("tuxedo") and black cats because of their historic difficulty in being adopted from shelters. (Please note that this focus does not preclude other cats in need when space is available.)  You can learn more about Tuxedo Junction by visiting our website:
To see more pictures and information on Ricky, please visit his page on Petfinder:
All black cats are beautiful, but Ricky stands out as one of the handsomest cats - black or otherwise - we've ever seen!   Why is this gorgeous boy still in need of his forever home?  Well, poor Ricky has a triple whammy going against him: Besides being a black cat, he is an adult (in a world where most people want to adopt kittens) and he is very, very shy.  It takes him a very long time to trust people and feel confident around them.
However, once that hurdle has been overcome, Ricky's wonderful personality comes out.  When he's comfortable, he can be curious and very playful, especially with wand toys and the laser mouse.   He goes bonkers for fresh catnip (will eat catnip leaves out of your hand), and he loves being petted. Sometimes he might even jump up ahead of where you're walking you so you'll notice him and give him attention.

Ricky was born in April, 2006  He has been at Tuxedo Junction Rescue since he was rescued from a potentially dangerous situation as a small kitten.  
This very sweet boy deserves a chance!  His ideal home would be one with a quiet, understanding cat person who is willing to be patient with him, coax him gently into interactions, and give him the time he needs to feel he is secure and safe.  Although he may never be a lap cat, he has the potential to be a good friend and companion on his own terms.  Ricky likes most other cats, and might do well as a buddy for a friendly, nonaggressive cat.  
If you live in the greater Austin, Texas area, and have room in your heart and home for a boy like Ricky, Tuxedo Junction Rescue would love to hear from you.  (Please note that we only adopt within the local area.)

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  1. What a handsome boy you are, Ricky! Hope your new, loving, furrever purrson finds you soon and gives you the wonderful home that you deserve.

    Laura, Taffy, and (angels) Jet and Venus


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