Thursday, February 3, 2011

The cold front...

Poor Ollie. He's not really been warm since the cold front really hit here in Central Texas. He's just been miserable and looking for warm spots. Today is dog laundry day, so the dryer is going.

Ollie is SOOOOOOOO happy. LOL

Oh! It's W-A-R-M

F-L-O-P.  K-N-E-A-D!

Foster Meowmy! Thank You!!!!

I Love You, Dryer!

Finally! I can be warm!!!!


  1. Oh geez - don't let anyone at my house see this....

    Of course, the kittens think the dryer is a monster related to the one in the closet named Dyson. LOL

  2. Aww Ollie! You got the best seat in the house! Stay warm! Purrpurr

  3. Random,

    He loves him some dryer time. He came through the kitchen while I was in there yesterday and meowed pitifully at the door to the utility room. He wanted his buddy turned on...and unfortunately, I wasn't doing dog laundry yesterday.

  4. Catsparella,

    I'd give anything if I could get a sweater on him, but the one time I tried it, he turned himself inside out trying to get it off.

    So, sadly, he has to seek warmth in unexpected places. :(

  5. Ollie, that's one of my favorite places to lay too!! So warm!!


  6. Island,

    Ollie was VERY happy that dad did laundry today, too, since it meant a prolonged stay on his favorite large appliance. :)


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