Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Companions and Co-Stars Photo Contest

Erin left this down in the comments yesterday, and I thought it would be a BUENO idea to post it.

All you cats and kittens need to get your humans to take your picture and enter it (Foster listening??? They need a picture of ME!!!) for a chance to win some really cool prizes including FOOD!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday's Artful Cats 9/28/10

Today's Artful Cats are wall clocks. There is a gazillion styles and sizes, but I concentrated on wall clocks and, for the most part, my criteria was "a clock you could see the time on." Some of them, though, were so cool, I think I'd buy them as conversation pieces even if I couldn't easily read the time. :)

Also, out on Amazon the manufacturer Watch Buddy has a huge, huge selection of clocks. I picked out some, but if none of them catches your fancy, trot out to Amazon and do a search for that manufacturer.

Rainbow kitty

Seal point cat

Fisher Cat

Four Cats
Cheeks The Cat

Sleepy Cat
Dancing cats

Grey cat
Fat Cat
Magnet clock
Black cat head
Kit Cat Clock
Blue Deco
Barn Cats
Cat Eye
Black and white
Black and white pendulum
Cat's eyes
Black cat licorice
Fat cat
Vintage witch girl and cat
Big eyed cat
Siamese photo
Vintage black cat and broom
Black cat photo
Vintage witch girl and black cat
Cute calico
Blue Burmese
Cat Collage
Momma cat
Funky cat
Brown tabby
Creeping Siamese
Waiter kitty
Full moon cat
Full moon cat and bats
Orange tabby
Calico cat and bird's nest
Wire cat
Hey Diddle Diddle