Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday's Artful Cats 9/21/2010

Calendars can be a pretty personal choice, and there are a lot of different cat calendars available. Since Ollie is a black cat, the first few calendars are devoted to his color. I've put a couple of tuxedo options in, and then it's just sort of whatever caught my eye. Calendars.com is where I generally order my calendars, but Amazon is another good place, and there are certainly other options out there. Just be sure to order your calendar early while the selection is good.

Black cats 1

Black Cats 2

Black kittens

Just Tuxedo Cats

Tuxedo Cats

Cat Lovers

Bohemian Cats

Cat Naps

Cats' Eyes

Island Cats

Yoga Kittens

The Proverbial Cat


The Literate Cat

Cats in Hats 2

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  1. Hi Ollie and Ollie's foster mom! We were over at House Panthers and saw your blog mentioned. We don't have any all black kitties (our older brother Floyd was all black, but he went to the bridge last year) but we do really like them (which is why we lurk at House Panthers) and so we wanted to come meet you and say hello!


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