Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Bestest Treat...

in the whole WIDE WORLD.

Foster meowmy feeds the dogs some food that is absolutely the bestest smelling, bestest tasting stuff EVER.

She's a meany, though. She only lets me have one little bitty piece in the morning and one little bitty piece in the afternoon. She says shouldn't even really do that, but I talk her into it. I lay next to the tub and meow and mark it and do everything I can to get more, but she won't let me have more.

It's S-A-L-M-O-N flavored and it is SOOOOOOOOOOOO good!

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  1. What is it about cats that eat things they really shouldn't? Bugs has a real fixation on caramel pudding (he can tell it from chocolate or banana when the tab is pulled)... caramel anything, really. And he loves marshmallows which are hilarious to watch him eat. Of course, he only gets tiny amounts.



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