Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday's Artful Cats 9/14/2010

Today's Artful Cat selection are cat night lights. And may I say there are some extremely cool ones available.

Colorful cats

Pinkie cat

Cat nap

Cat and flowers

Kitty barn

Cottonwood leaf cat

Tropical cat

Black DSH


Chat Noir

Cat and canary

Cat in basket

Retro cats

Piano cats

Black cat pond

Red Hat Cats

Blackboard cats

Cat montage



Java cat

Goldfish kitty

Frisky kitty

Wizard kitty

Black magic kitty

Cat on bookshelf

Cat and flower pots

Country cats garden

Cats and flowers

Flower cat

Cats in chair

Computer cats

Alley cats

Fishing Siamese

Stained glass cat

Gold plated kitty

Cat nap

Cheshire cat

Cutout cat

Black and white

Glass cat

Cat collage

Jazzy cats

Floral ceramic cat

Fishbowl kitty

White kitty

Clear kitty

Moonlight cats

Tabby cat

Cat and bamboo

French cats

Cat and butterfly

Blue cat

Cat and yarn

Abyssinian cat

Crouching cat

Glass cat

Cat and moon

Cat and mouse

Three in a row

Cat in a window


  1. Damnit, girl. You're making me broke! I want the glass one!!!


  2. LOL...you have NO idea how hard it is to look at this stuff before I make the post. There's just so much cool stuff.

    btw...send me a pic of OOT with a brief write-up. She qualifies for Black Cat Friday and I'm seriously running low on candidates. Two more and we're down to Ollie being the weekly black cat.


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