Friday, September 10, 2010

Black Cat Friday, September 10, 2010

Today's black cat is Halloween (and two slightly non-black kitties *g* The one on top is Lily and the one on the bottom is Harry).

Halloween belongs to Wendy in Houston, and is the mother of one of our first BCF winners, Jack. Lily and Jack are his sibs.


  1. My name is Halloween, Hallie for short but most of the time everyone just calls me Momma. I used to live outside and had many litters of kittens. But I don't know how many of them lived. I ate mostly frogs and voles and sometimes even snakes.

    I was afraid of humans but one day I was very hungry and the human in this house I live in now put food out for me. I was so grateful. The human sat in the doorway and talked to me while I ate. I let her pet me and pretty soon we were friends.

    I decided a house would be a nice place to live so after a couple days I went to get my 3 new babies and brought them in one at a time and put them under the human's big bed. I had another litter kittens about 6 months later and the human said that's enough already.

    I still live with the three babies I came here with and I live with 4 others too, they are all grown up now and everyone is happy and healthy and FIXED. Some of my children did go to live in other houses. One lives next door.

    I don't go outside very much anymore. I like it better out of the rain and I a really like the A/C! I still like to eat a frog now and then though....mmmm.

  2. Hallie - What a sweetie you are and loving mom, too. Give all of the kitties pets and rubs from me and purrs from Jet and Taffy.

    Laura, Jet, Taffy, and (angel) Venus


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