Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ollie's friend

I would never have thought that Ollie's bestest friend would be an inanimate object, but it is.

He loves my humidifier. The noise it makes when it drops more water from the tank into the tray, coupled with the bubbles, just fascinates him. He lays next to it in our bedroom like he's guarding it. And if he happens to bump it and make it gurgle he whips around and stares at it like it's come alive.

Once a week, I completely empty the tank and let the various parts dry out. When the tank is refilled and placed back on the tray for the first time, the thing burbles like mad. Ollie is particularly entranced then. This video gives you some idea. :)


  1. Wendy (cat transcriptionist)September 12, 2010 at 8:38 PM

    My cat Wolfie does something similar with the bread machine. When he hears me open the lid to put the pan in he comes running and perches on the table and looks inside, he loves it when the paddles start turning. I finally have to close the lid and shoo him away.

    He loves to bake :)

  2. LOLOLOL...I wonder what Ollie would make of a bread machine.

    I don't know if it's the sounds the humidifier makes or the bubbles. I know he's fascinated by water running, but he's never been brave enough to stick his foot in. He likes it when I fill up the sink and he can watch it drain...he likes the little water spout and the noise it makes, too. (Figures.)

    I suspect part of the attraction to the humidifier is that it's "civilized" water. :)

  3. Robin,

    He's really a riot. He's just so interactive. LOL


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