Friday, December 31, 2010

Black Cat Friday - New Year's Eve 2010 Edition

 Today's handsome black cat is coming to us from Sacramento, California!

Hi. I'm Carlos.

Many months ago my brother Monk got HIS picture in Ollie's blog. Well what about me? I'm all black, too. In fact, I'm more black cat than Monk. He's got those silly white hairs in his ears. I'm the baby of the family. And well, Monk is the boss. But mom says that Monk looked a lot like Ollie before Monk got so f-a-t.

Mom rescued me from a baaad situation when I was a kitten. She says we're both lucky she found me. Oh yeah, we live near Sacramento...whatever that means.

Here I am on my favorite window ledge.

Monk is letting me stay on the ledge with him. That's him in the front taking up all the space.

Here's me in front of some really bright lights. They were so nice and warm!