Saturday, December 18, 2010

The picture I didn't get...

Sometimes I SO envy the folks who are at the right place at the right time with a camera that takes photos immediately.

Alas, I'm a point and shoot girl, and I probably always will be. Tonight, though, I wish I wasn't.

Ollie was in rare form this evening. Streaking through the house like a cat with his tail on fire. Tearing down the hall, leaping on our bed and falling on the towel at the foot of the bed fully intent on trapping and killing all the wrinkles.

Nothing too special there. And I've even gotten photos in the past when he's done this.

But tonight. Tonight was special.

Ollie discovered his tail.

Flopped on his side, intent on the wrinkles he spied what he KNEW just HAD to be something that was up to no good. So of course he snags it. Then it tears free. Then he snags it. Then it tears free. And before you know it, here's Ollie spinning around and around in hot pursuit of his tail. Now, a cat chasing his tail isn't completely unheard of, though you'd expect it more from a dog. But chasing his tail while flopped on his side? He looked like a big black spinning doughnut. LOL

I would have given anything for pictures or video. Words just can't do this one justice.


  1. I know just what you mean. So many times I wished I had my camera on and ready. I always seem to miss the best shots. By the time I can get the camera everything is done and over with.

  2. LOL!! I can only imagine. Tommy has chased his tail before but he likes to do it while balanced on the half wall by the stairs - mom is waiting for the day he falls off (won't fall too far, so she isn't overly worried - and it wouldn't be the first time he fell that distance).


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