Monday, December 6, 2010

Foster Bro

My doggie foster bro, Elvis, is scheduled for surgery tomorrow.

Elvis is a permanent foster (unlike me) who has LOTS of medical issues. Foster meowmy is sorta worried about him because putting him under A-N-E-S-T...A-N-A-S...putting him under for surgery can be dangerous. He's on a lot of stuff for heart problems. But he's got a bad tooth...he's only got TWO left, but one of them has gone bad, so foster meowmy says it's gotta come out.

I know she and the V-E-T have worked out some stuff, but foster meowmy is still worried. Foster Bro has been here MUCH longer than me, and he wasn't supposed to be. People were surprised when he made it to last Christmas, but I can tell 'em...foster meowmy and daddy are really good with nursing, and the V-E-T is REALLY good...she's a great person...even if she is a V-E-T!

So if you can, say a little prayer for my foster bro. Elvis has had a hard life, and I really want him to come through this surgery in good shape!


  1. We are purraying as loudly as we can for sweet Elvis. xxxxxxxxx

  2. Oh we are sending tons of purrs and prayers over for Elvis! We hope that the surgery goes nice and smooth and he will be ok once that bad tooth is gone!!


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