Friday, September 24, 2010

Black Cat Friday, September 24, 2010

Hi, Ollie!  My name is Inky, because my coat is so black.  My beginnings
are shrouded in mystery, but a neighbor thinks that I was originally taken
care of by an elderly man, who died.  I then took to the streets in Portland,
Oregon, but soon found a nice garden in which to play and shelter.  Lois,
who lives in the house in the middle of the garden, started putting food
and water out, which I eagerly gobbled up.  I was still a young cat and
tractable, so I charmed my way into the house.  I must be between two and
three years old.

I don't purr or react to catnip, but my mistress and I have managed to
establish a friendly relationship, though she still doesn't understand
why I strike out with a paw from my perch on the top of a speaker tower.
(I just want attention.)

Lois now feeds me really tasty dry food indoors, which I credit with
making my fur all soft and glossy--never eating so much that I lose my
youthful figure.  I really love being outdoors, running and frisking
about.  Although I can see birds and squirrels from indoors, being
outdoors is more fun, though I've already realized that catching either
is probably a lost cause.  There are other cats in the neighborhood, but
I'm a bit of a loner and don't like cat visitors especially.  The young
man who comes to take care of me when my mistress is away is a buddy
of mine; he knows just where to scratch and pet me.  I'm a lucky cat!


  1. Hello Inky! You sure are a lucky cat, indeed!

    Thanks, Ollie, for featuring other black kitties on Fridays!

  2. Mo,

    I'm just hoping I can keep it up. I've only got one more black cat to post. After next Friday, that's it. Not sure what foster meowmy will do then. :(


  3. Hi Inky! What a cutie you are!

    And Ollie, well, if you need another black cat, we can send you pics of our brother Floyd - he is at the bridge now but he was black (but he was seriously floofy, which is why he didn't join the House Panthers). We don't want you to run out! We just hadn't sent them in because since he is at the bridge, we didn't know if it would be right for your Friday posts (we don't want it to bring anyone down). Just let our mom know!

  4. Hi there, Inky! We love your name, and think you are adorable.

    Thanks for posting about black kitties, Ollie. They seem to have a harder time finding their forever homes, so we think your posting about them is especially awesome. :)

  5. where shall i post a picture?
    heres the link for it feel free to add me to view it

  6. I know Inky, and he is a truly handsome cat. He's still wary of me because I helped apply his first few doses of flea goop, but I think we'll work it out sometime =)


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