Monday, February 28, 2011

I don't mind....

I suppose I could be jealous, but that'd be a really bad thing for a handsome black cat like me.

Meowmy doesn't have as much time for me and Howdy as she normally does because she's been volunteering with the local Humane Society shelter. She's updating the Petfinder stuff. That hadn't been done in ages and ages....*I* wasn't even out there when I was staying there. Can you IMAGINE???? No WONDER I was there so long!

So anyway, meowmy is doing that for them and told me she's going to keep doing it so all the doggies and kitties who need forever homes get seen. There are HUNDREDS of them still not in homes...not even foster homes.

The really neat news is she heard from the adoption manager this morning and he said he'd walked in this morning to 43 emails asking about available dogs and cats!!

Isn't that GREAT??? I'm keeping my paws crossed they ALL adopt!

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  1. That is wonderful! Paws crossed here also.

    Laura, Taffy, and (angels) Jet and Venus


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