Friday, February 11, 2011

Black Cat Friday, February 10, 2011

Today's black cat is a gorgeous senior Oriental Shorthair who comes to us from Canada.

(Foster Meowmy said if I EVER look at her the way Circe is looking at the camera, she'll know I'm planning some serious havoc and she'll run for the hills!)

I live in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada,  on Vancouver Island.  I will be turning eleven on April 3rd this year.  I have been a show cat and got many ribbons because I am actually beautiful, at least in the judges' eyes.  
My  name is pronounced like seersee.  Circe was a siren in Homer's Odyssey and she invited men for dinner and then turned them into pigs.  Then she kept them in a pen.  My mom told my dad not to worry because he already was a pig.
I am probably the baddest cat my parents ever had and they adore me.  I keep them on their toes.  But I never stop purring, especially when I'm being bad.
I have a nice family of other cats, Oshes and Siamese and we all love each other and play and sleep together, on our parents bed, of course.  
We are strictly indoor cats, bought from a breeder with a contract.  But we have a beautiful large sundeck that we go out on in the nice weather, that is screened in to protect us from Eagles.   
We are very happy and very spoiled.  I bet you are too.
Love, Circe


  1. That is one beautiful house panther - but love that picture!! I agree - I ever get that look I am running for cover.

  2. Circe, you are one beautiful girl! Taffy sometimes gives me what I call "cobra eyes" (which looks a lot like your picture), and I know it's time to pay close attention for any mischief.

    Laura, Taffy, and (angels) Jet and Venus

  3. Circe, you are a beautiful girl and with a look of mischief gives you personality and I would take cover and Mom said she would too...MOL. And yes I'm spoiled rotten.


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