Friday, July 2, 2010

Announcing Black Cat Friday

Every Friday, Ollie is going to pick out a picture(s) of a black cat to post in honor of his blog's new weekly event: Black Cat Friday.

For those black cats who want to participate, have your human send in a photo to:
ollie@dh dot gridspace dot net

Requirements for consideration:

You MUST be a black (or predominantly black) cat
Your name
Your human's name
General location

Also, if your human would like to write a bit about you, that will go on the post as well.

Email addresses won't be published. Photos will be reduced to fit the blog.


  1. so how do I submit the photos?

  2. He's gorgeous!

  3. I plan to announce this on our blog this Friday, Ollie........I will see if I can get mama to enter one of my pic soon also. Sammy.....xxxxxxxx

  4. This is a grrreat idea.
    Another reason to say TGIF!!!
    Love & Purrs,

  5. I fink mine other comment didn't make it.
    So I'll risk double-commenting.
    I said, this is a grrreat idea.
    Another reason to say TGIF!
    Fanks Ollie.
    Love & Purrs,

  6. Well, it's about time us black cats got our own day!! I'll get mom to submit my picture!


  7. Oh, what fun. We don't have any black cats here, just a tuxedo, but it will be fun to see the black cats posted.

  8. Loves this idea...will send photos over soon!

  9. We got five of us house panthers here - we will send a pict!

  10. That sounds like fun, we can't wait to see who you honor every week.

  11. Well, "The Boys" aren't black, not even a little...although Jonny does have a bit of a shade of gray to him in places. And Bowie might have a teeny bit of black in some stripes.

    Nevertheless, we're excited for your contest and to see the pictures when they're posted.

  12. Hello!!

    Me and my kitty Charlie came over from Sammy and Andy's to say hello!! :-)

    You are indeed most handsome!!

    Take care

  13. I had a female cat that looked just like Ollie, jet black even when she was old.

    She was found as a kitten wandering in the woods with no mother in sight (coyotes in the area so she couldn't be left there). Tghe people who found her said it was me or the pound, she had a long happy life her with her housemates (Gracie and Lucy) She was a great cat who passed away at 20 years of age.


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