Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ollie is safe from being traded in :)

While I wouldn't say he was a *perfect* gentleman last night when I had to sleep in the front room, he was MUCH improved from the night before.

This is good because yesterday morning I was seriously doubting the wisdom in bringing in a foster cat in general...and a really vocal one specifically. Overall, though, he was pretty quiet and only woke me up once when he got hungry. That's a huge improvement over the night before. And the foil on the cat shelf worked, so his wings were pretty much clipped. A Flying Ollie at 2 am is not a sight to behold nor a feeling I care to experience again.

Howdy, however, was seriously put out. She's realizing that Ollie intends to sleep next to me whether that means he lays on top of her or not. Last night she went immediately to my pillow and spent most of the night there. I know she was under the covers at one point, but another time I saw her laying in the rocker.

So she's not happy, but she copes. She seems to realize she's still Mom's Heart Cat, regardless of where she sleeps. And Ollie? Well, he's just still really thrilled that he's in a home and not at the shelter, so things are good for him (well, except the food situation, but he'll learn).

I'm not sure whether Ollie will have a chance to blog tomorrow or not. Depends on how things go around here. But regardless, there will DEFINITELY be a posting for the Black Cat Friday. I'm getting a lot of interest and quite a few photos, and I really hope this will bring steady interest in Ollie's blog...if only because he and I can only be so creative for so long. :)


  1. Oh, Ollie, we hope you will settle down and not get in the dog house have a great home and we don't want to see you getting traded fact, we have been purring that this would end up a forever home for you. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Us again....mama says when we get our a/c fixed and she feels human again, she'll send a pic of Sammy for some Friday. xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. I've been a Flying Feline landing pad. You have my heartfelt sympathy.



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