Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm in the dog house

...and I've been there all day.

Foster meowmy had to sleep with me and Howdy last night (and again tonight), but she didn't like me walking on her and jumping on her from the dresser. She yelled REALLY loud when I knocked her water glass over this morning.

Howdy's mad at me, too. I can't help it I want to sleep extra close to my human and that means laying on top of Howdy. And I TOLD her I was sorry I jumped on her...she was under the cover and I didn't see her. She growled at me all night, and wouldn't move.

Meowmy taped some sort of shiny, crinkly stuff on the cat shelf. She said most cats don't like foil, but I'm not sure what she means. I'll check it out later when she's not looking. I think it's supposed to keep me from vaulting over the headboard from the shelf. Hmpf.

She told me that if I'm as bad tonight as I was last night, she's going to put me in the bathroom.

I don't mean to be bad. Really. I purred and purred and purred last night, but that didn't help. Talking about it didn't seem to either. Meowmy said I need to BE QUIET...not sure if I can do that, but I think I'd better try.

Daddy said if meowmy has another night like last night they might take me back to the "Cat Trade-In Place." I don't know what that is, but it sounds really bad. Meowmy was laughing when he said that, but I think maybe I need to have better manners tonight.

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