Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sound Identification

Part of the fun of having Ollie around playing the game "What's that sound?"

This afternoon while waiting to be fed, he sounded for all the world like a cricket.

I thought Howdy with her chirps and burbles made interesting sounds. She is NOTHING compared to Ollie. He's got the most incredible vocal range I've ever heard in a cat/

Oh. And for those wondering. Last night in the cat room...interesting.

Like I thought, Ollie wants to sleep in Howdy's place. That prompted some of the most serious fight sounds I've heard from her in awhile. I got her settled down next to my pillow, but she wasn't happy about it. If she didn't insist in sleeping under the cover, I'd have her in her usual place and Ollie would have to find a new location. Unfortunately, she dives under the covers and then Ollie steps on her. I might be able to work something else out if I'm in there for more than one night, but last night that was just the easiest way to deal with it.

Also, Ollie gets hungry about 4 am, and since the Foodlady is in there, he talks about it. Didn't do him any good, but he bitched nevertheless.

Those were really the only two problems I discovered last night. The first (competing with Howdy for room) is something that I can probably work around, though Howdy may make it tough because she is very aware of her place in the pecking order. The second, well, as Ollie gets switched to a more strict feeding schedule, I suspect he'll be a bit less strident about wanting a middle of the night feeding.

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