Friday, October 21, 2011

Gonna pack my bags...

Gonna run away from home. **sniff**

I don't CARE if he was dumped. I don't CARE that he's nearly 16. I don't CARE that he had no place to go.


Meowmy brought in YET ANOTHER FOSTER DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not happy. I was afraid this was what she meant earlier this week. And I was RIGHT!!


Ollie, honey. Stop that. It's rude and it's REALLY unattractive. What if I'd looked at you in the shelter and decided I didn't want you? Hmmmmm????? Now be nice. In a couple of days you won't even remember why you're mad. ~ Meomy

Here's who Ollie is mad about.

Padre 15 1/2 years old and dumped back into rescue


  1. Ollie, please don't be mad. We bet Padre could really use a friend. Maybe you could be that for him? :)

  2. Ollie says that every time a new foster dog comes in. lol

  3. Oh Ollie, poor baby. Padre looks very nice and he NEEEEDS a home. Besides, he's big and warm, and would be great to cuddle up with in cold weather. Think about it, Ollie . . .

    Laura and Taffy

  4. Ollie has been all bent out of shape today. Hopefully in the next couple of days he'll come around and accept Padre. Course, Padre is VERY interested in the big, black cat. All our fosters have been. There's just something about Ollie that's as attractive as hell to them.

    Howdy, OTOH, is rarely EVER bothered by a new foster. All she has to do is stop, get poufy and stare, and no dog in its right mind is going to get more curious. LOL

    I have to explain to the fosters that Ollie is the cat they'll chase and never catch, and Howdy is the cat they chase and don't want to catch.


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