Saturday, January 21, 2012

Shelter Cat Saturday, January 21, 2012

Not only do we love our black cats here on Ollie's blog, but we have a real soft spot for special needs children. And this little boy is precious. He has a bit of wiggle in his walk that is the side effect of a run in with panleukopenia.

Obviously, that's not much to overcome and let's face it, he is a DOLL FACE. Ollie REALLY wants to see baby Greg in his own forever home. Don't YOU think Greg belongs with you? **nod** I thought so. He's in Austin at Blue Paws Rescue and he's looking for love. (My apologies. I originally had him in Waco at the BP branch group. Sorry about that!)



  1. Goodness he is cute. If our Inn wasn't so full (19) we sure would take him.Hope he finds to most wonderful home. We are sending purrs that he does find a great human.

  2. He is a precious, precious little thing, isn't he? I'm hoping some of Ollie's Adopt-Me mojo does him some good. Understandably, Blue Paws wants to find him the perfect home. ~ Donna

  3. Oh what a little sweetie! We hope his furrever human finds him very soon.

  4. Greg got adopted by the perfect family last week! His new family also adopted another kitty! So now he has a new sister!! They named him ZigZag and they love him Sooo much!! Thanks so much, Ollie!!!


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