Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday with Ollie...Literary Edition

Just a one off for this Sunday. Ollie is being literary today. :)


  1. Wow, Ollie, those are some pretty big books! What are you reading? :)

    1. Some fundraising for non-profits and a computer language book. Not sure he understood a word of that last one, but he liked laying on it! lol

  2. That;s some heavy summer reading, Ollie! Good to see you again.

    Donna, there is a ~10yr old torti devon at Carrollton Animal services. Can you help her?

    Purrs, Laura & Taffy

  3. Laura,

    Working on that Devon now. I know one of the volunteers there, and apparently the head ACO knows who I am because of Ollie and his blog. *g*

    Ollie has worked his "Adopt Me" mojo on some black cats at the shelter, so as soon as I saw the Devon, I messaged Sissy (volunteer) about her.

    Looks like there's a local group to possibly pull her and a Planet Devon member who wants to adopt her.

    She's also in no euth danger right now. Carrollton had a REALLY successful adoption event right before the 4th and adopted out all but a few animals.

  4. Thank you, Donna, and Ollie, too! I recognized the shelter name as one from which you had posted black cats here and thought you might have contacts there. Looks like she has a bright future ahead of her in a safe home.

    Laura & Taffy


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