Monday, November 7, 2011

I Told Meomy....

everything was gonna be fine. I told her last week. She didn't believe ME! **hmph**

Told her and told her and told her. And this afternoon she found out I was RIGHT!

That'll teach her not to listen to ME...wise black cat that I am. I knew last week her CT Scan was gonna be clean and she didn't have to worry about that nasty stuff coming back. No more cancer....NO WAY...NO HOW!!!

I was RIGHT!!!

(Yes. Ollie, honey, you were. Now, remember what I said about having a little humility..... ~ Meowmy...who is very relieved Ollie was right and the cancer hadn't come back.)


  1. Donna,

    So thankful for those clear results!

    Humility just isn't Ollie's style, though lol.


  2. Nope. He's got himself an ego...that's for sure!


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