Friday, October 8, 2010

Black Cat Friday, October 8, 2010

Today's Black Cat is Ebony, and here's here story:

Hello Ollie, first let me say what a beautiful kitty you are! 

Black cats are one of the, if not the (in my opinion) most spectacular animals on the planet. I had always wanted one and in 2004 my wish was granted. 

My black beauty's name is Ebony. She is the love of my life, my heart, my soul. My heart beats to her purrs. As said I got her in 2004, it was after my cat, Katie, of 16 1/2 years crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I didn't want to get another cat right away, the pain was too raw. A month went by and I realized Halloween was coming up. I have been a practicing Pagan since 1995 and felt off about the idea of Halloween passing without having a cat, but we had already decided that the next cat we adopted was to be black. 

There was a problem there. Here in California shelters aren't allowed to adopt out black cats in the month of October. We went down to our local PetSmart anyway to see who they had there. We explained our situation to the people running the weekly pet adoption drive. They said they had just gotten a black kitten in and would bring her by the house that night. They wanted to check out the house to make sure it would be a safe environment for the fur baby. Heck, my family would never dream of hurting fur babies, they are like children to us! 

So they brought her to the house. They opened the car and there inside was the smallest pet carrier I had ever seen. After opening it and pulling a terrified little bundle of black out of the back of it, they put her in my arms. As soon as I held her, I knew she was mine. She began to purr and settled right down, looking up at me lovingly. She has been my pride and joy ever since. 

We found out that she had been abandoned by her feline mom and left in the middle of someones yard, next to the sprinklers. The owners of the home found her after the sprinklers had gone on and a scared Ebony began to cry for her mom, who never returned. They took her into the shelter, and that was how she came to be there. To this day she doesn't meow much. It is a rare treat to hear her sweet little voice. She is such a loving cat, I can't imagine my life without her. 

So there you have it. Ebony's story.


  1. What a sweetie!

    Laura, Jet, Taffy and (angel) Venus


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