Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sssssoooooo embarrassing!!!!!!!!!!!

Poor Ollie. He didn't want me to tell anyone, but I was laughing so hard I told him I had to.

We put he and Howdy up into the front bedroom from about 5 pm until shortly after we finish dinner around 7 pm. That's because Howdy has been known to harass Elvis about food, and the poor little guy just doesn't need that (she actually nearly jumped on his head one night when I dropped a piece of sweet potato for him, so he's now scarred for life).

Anyway, the two are generally well mannered in there, but occasionally Ollie gets impatient and sits yowling at the door. Well, Wednesday night I went down the hall and opened the bedroom door up like normal. Ollie was complaining in the bathroom, but I told him he was free and Howdy jumped over the gate into the hall to follow me back.

Back into the kitchen to finish doing a few dishes, and Ollie is STILL in the bathroom crying his damned fool head off. Howdy keeps going into the living room and looking back and me, and you can tell she has no idea what his problem is. We're talking five minutes here.

So I finish up, go into the hall, Howdy is in front of me and Ollie is still crying. She keeps looking back at me and you can tell she thinks he's nuts. I poke my head around the door and tell him to get out of the bathroom. He comes out, looks around and looks up at me with this startled and embarrassed look on his face. It just dawned on him that he'd been crying in the bathroom all that time when the door was wide open from the bedroom and he could have left any time he wanted to.

He was soooooooo embarrassed. It was sooooooooooo funny. LOL

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