Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Skinny Ollie :(

Poor Ollie.

His tapeworm really caused him to lose weight. Never a plump cat (even at over 13 pounds), he's REALLY skinny at 10.5. I'm hoping that now that he's not eating for himself and the tapeworm that he'll put on weight.

I had Randall pick him up some canned tuna today to supplement his regular dry food. He DEFINITELY knows what tuna is, so I'm hoping that adding a tablespoon or so a day for the next week to 10 days will help him regain the lost weight. I'm sure he'll complain bitterly when it's removed from the menu, but since it's really only for therapeutic reasons, it's not going to be a permanent feature no matter how much he bitches. *g*


  1. Oh we are glad that Ollie is back with you. We are sure that he will gain weight now that the tapeworm is gone - Virgil did once his was gone (though lucky for us he didn't loose too much weight - he was still a kitten when he had his). We hope he starts to put on some weight quckly - and that he won't complain too much once the tuna goes away!

  2. People tuna? Oh, Ollie, you lucky kitty. I hope it will return for a treat once in a while.

    Laura, Jet, Taffy, and (angel) Venus

  3. Laura,

    Oh yeah. People tuna. :)

    I'll give a caveat here that it's the cheaper canned stuff...not the high quality albacore. I don't think I could bring myself to share that with him.

  4. See, Ollie? They didn't trade you in.

    At least, not yet, we guess. The blog says they are just fostering you, but if you work it right, you might wind up with a furrrever home right where you are.

    It worked out that way for us.

    The Pirate Girls.


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