Monday, November 22, 2010

Back home

I got back home Saturday like I'd planned, but things were just too hectic to post an Ollie blog update.

Bless his little heart, Ollie was VERY happy to see me...and his best friend, the humidifier. :)

Much purring. Much lap time. Much vocalizing. Much following in my footsteps (Shadows are black, right? *g*).

Two days later, and he's still rather reluctant to let me out of his sight. I've had to give Howdy some Mom Time, though, so Ollie spent this afternoon in the front room. Funny how Howdy used to be my demanding cat...she's far and away the least demanding now, though.

As far as the usual postings go, I think I'm going to take this week off from the Artful Cat posting since I'm still getting caught up. Sadly, there are no Black Cats for Black Cat Friday, though with Friday being the day after Thanksgiving, I suspect that post would be skipped.

I plan to resume the Sunday with Ollie post this coming Sunday...I suspect I already know what that will be since our holiday decorating will be in full swing. Something tells me that Ollie and Christmas trees will be a volatile mix.

Anyway, all is well here with everyone, and expect to see us back on schedule starting Sunday.

I hope everyone has a bountiful and safe Thanksgiving!

Donna and Ollie

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