Friday, November 5, 2010

Black Cat Friday, November 5, 2010

We've got us a pair of girls today as the Black Cat Friday feature. :)

Their story:

We are two all (and we do mean ALL) black kitties, named Anne Bonny & Mary Read.  (after a couple of 18th Century pirate girls)

We blog (a little) at Lee County Clowder ( and live in the Midwest (Iowa).

Our gotcha story played out pretty much real time on our blog, starting here, through here, here, and ending here.
If you want the Cliff Notes version, there is a vacant lot across the street, with some fields behind that.  People goes back there on some side roads, and dump cats, dogs, and probably other things.  He kept some food outside for his own kitties, and we started sneaking by to eat there ourselves.  Eventually, we managed to convince Dad he needed to adopt us.
Anne Bonny & Merry Read

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  1. What beautiful pirate lasses you are!

    Laura, Jet, Taffy, and (angel) Venus


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