Friday, January 14, 2011

Black Cat Friday, January 14, 2001

Today's Black Cat is a very special little guy from the New York City area with a pretty amazing backstory.

(My apologies. I originally had Fuzzy listed as a "lady" and he's a "gentleman cat!" Sorry about that!)

 My name's Fuzzy, or Da Fuzz, or sometimes just Fuz. I'm about 16 years old and I live with my owners, Arlene and Mark, in the NYC area.

I've got a big tough looking scar on my forehead from a fire, where I was found by a fireman and brought to a shelter. The first shelter thought I couldn't be saved, but I was taken in by another shelter who nursed me back to health.

Last year I lost my left ear to cancer, but I'm doing okay now.

I'm my mom's first pet. When she met me, she wasn't sure which of us in the shelter she was going to adopt, so when her friend picked me up I reached both my paws out to her to let her know it was going to be me.

I now live with her and my dad, who gives me a special resting spot on his chest when I just want to hang out. He also cleans my ears for me every morning when I jump on the toilet. At night I crawl into bed with my mom and sleep in a special spot over her head. Sometimes I groom her hair just to let her know how much I love her.

And no, I don't have a weight problem. I'm just big boned.


  1. We think you are a very lovely house panther and paws up to the shelter that knew you would be a wonderful pet!!!

  2. Hi Fuz I am Wyatt...If you ever want to get out of the cold come down to San Diego. Plane rides are fun I flew from Toronto to San Diego to move with my mom followed a few months later.

    I wasn't big boned at first but they seem to be swelling up!

  3. You go, Fuz! You are one tough dude. Your mom and dad just let me know that they sent in your story in honor of my Jet Dragon. Thank you!

    Hugs and Headbutts,

    Laura, Taffy, and (angels) Jet and Venus


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