Friday, January 21, 2011

Black Cat Friday, January 21, 2011 - Bridge Baby

Today's Black Cat is another Bridge Baby.

Asbury was much loved by Karen, and they moved to New Jersey from Canada.

Karen says:

This is Asbury.  My name is Karen.  We are Canadian transplants who moved to NJ. 

I am writing because I belong to a CRF group that Laura, Jet Dragon's Mom belongs to.  My sweet little boy Asbury passed away at the end of October after a battle with CRF.  He was 13.

The Asbury younger file was taken when he was a hearty lad who weighed in above 15 pounds.

This was taken just a few days before he passed when he looked more brown than black, but believe me he was a magnificent black, fuzzy, long-haired beauty with eyes so clear and green that they did not seem real.

I always called Asbury my Golden Heart Guy because there was no one sweeter.  In his younger years he was fiercely independent, asking for so little from me.  It was only in his later years that he realized that I wasn't so bad and began to spend more time with me.  He was someone who took things as they came; he rarely complained and was silent about his needs.

His mysterious ways made him a bit of a puzzle to solve, and I so enjoyed it when I found a key to some locked-up joy.  He loved, loved, loved his water fountain; a small, quiet, warm, dark place to sleep in the middle of the day; a fort made of blankets and my legs; dry crunchy food; a warm fire; to sleep right beside my head; his big brother Rumson; to lay outside in a sunny spot on a summer day.

For such a little guy, he took up so much space in my heart.  There was nothing more calming than sitting with him, his sweet soft-eyed glances, his thundering purr, and his warm little body.

I miss my boy so, but I can also take joy in the fact that this magnificent and beautiful boy made my life so much better just by being himself and by being by my side for so many wonderful years.

Sweet bear, may you rest.

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  1. What a beautiful boy Asbury was! You have written such a loving, thoughtful celebration of his life, that I feel as if I have known him. Thank you, Karen.

    Laura, Taffeta Rose, and (angels) Jet Dragon and Venus Purrl


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