Saturday, January 29, 2011

Shelter Cat Saturday - 1/29/2001 Inagural Edition

The inaugural edition of Shelter Cat Saturday is here. And Ollie wants to thank KC and Mom ML of The Cat Blogosphere for creating this wonderful button.

Our first group of adoptable black cats comes from Newport Beach, California. They really would love their forever homes (and the landlord says, "NOW.", so if you have a spot for them, please contact their foster meowmy.

I am Magic Kitty. I live with two other female tuxedo kitties. Right now we are fostering two black altered males born in August 2010. It just so happens that at 10 weeks of age it was prime adoption time right at Halloween. They have been living here with us but the landlord says it is us or them. The single mom cat lady who lives here and FEEDS me and who rescued me 5 years ago just got the big "C" so moving with her two tweenages is out of the question. We live in Newport Beach California. The boys are totally vetted and ready to blast off into your living room for many future fireside chats and tail chasing marathons. My little bros would make a complete set of black panther gargoyles for your front porch. What do ya say, and after all I taught them all my really good cat tricks anyway. It is your turn now. 949 230 1318 we can we meet up.

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