Monday, September 19, 2011


Looks like this week's Tuesday's Artful Cats is going to slip to next week. What with the new foster dog coming in yesterday (and she's doing great!), I'm just running behind.

I'll give you a hint, though. Next week I'll put up some black cat Halloween stuff.  I know it's a bit early, but what the heck.


  1. Black cat stuff is cool with us! We agree ... what the heck? :)

  2. We LOOOVVVE Halloween stuff! Specially scarey black cats.

    Is Ollie doing better with the new foster dog?

  3. Laura,

    He's actually doing pretty well. The problem child this time around seems to be Howdy. But even she seemed more OK with things yesterday.

    Aggie is pretty much a "live and let live" dog. She really only expressed interest when she and Howdy locked eyes and Howdy poofed up. Then Aggie decided there might be a reason for interest. :)


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