Monday, December 12, 2011

Psssst...I gotta secret...

Meowmy told me a secret this morning.

She said my foster doggie sister is going to become my plain old doggie sister next year. I got three foster doggie sibs, but Miss Penny is the first to be a FOSTER FAILURE!! Sorta like I was!

Meowmy said it's a secret because it won't happen for a couple of months and she wants to tell Miss Penny herself, but I can tell all of YOU!!

And just in case you haven't seen a picture of Miss Penny, here are a couple. I have to say she really is a pretty girl...even if she IS a dog.


  1. Oh such a beauty. She looks so much like our little Lilly Marlene from so many long years ago. Actually she was my Mom's baby, but when Mom went to the bridge we took Lilly home to be our baby. Such a little lady and so loving.

  2. She really is a pretty girl, Roy. Having shown and bred dachshunds for several years, I've got a certain type of dachshund I look for. Penny is very much what I look for in a long. We were so lucky to fall into the fostering situation with her. She's just a real sweetie.


  3. What a little beauty! And looks to be a happy girl. I hope you like your sisfur to be, Ollie!

    Laura and Taffy

  4. She is a very happy girl, Laura. And she's "intelligent happy" as opposed to "airhead happy." Makes a big difference. :)


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