Saturday, December 31, 2011

Shelter Cat Saturday, New Year's Eve 2011

Our last Shelter Cat for 2011 is a sweet young thing named Tonya. She's a cuddle bug, playful, gets along with everyone and is really looking for her own forever family. She's currently at the Petsmart in Irving, but she really wants YOU to come by and take her home!

Take-Me-Home Tonya!


  1. Go Tonya! Hope you get a new loving furrever home very soon.

    Happy New Year Donna, Ollie, and all of your family!

    Laura and Taffy (who is eating a little better)

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed for her, Laura. It'd be nice to end the year on a high note. :)

    Happy New Year to all of you, too, and I'm glad Taffy is doing a bit better there. :)


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