Saturday, February 11, 2012

Shelter Cat Saturday, February 11, 2012

Now I've not told Ollie, but I've got me a real weakness for handsome kitties with long hair. They're so beautiful. And I particularly love large kitties with long hair. So guess what! I've found Conal...a GORGEOUS black and white Maine Coon boy who is rescue with Merlin's Hope near Dallas.

(Ollie just caught me! He's closing his eyes and whipping his tail and sending some really fierce Adopt Me mojo to Conal before I tell hubby we have to drive to Dallas and get me a Maine Coon! Can't you feel it? Adopt Conal. Adopt Conal. Adopt Conal....You Need Conal. You Need Conal. You Need Conal.)

Gorgeous Conal
 (And because Petfinder is being a butt tonight, I'm going to post the URL just in case tomorrow it's still not cooperating. )

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  1. What a handsome tuxie! I've never seen a Maine Coon tuxedo before. Conal's furever home is out there. Keep chanting Ollie!


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