Saturday, February 18, 2012

Shelter Cat Saturday, February 18, 2012

What a precious little bit of fluffiness THIS is! Miss Scarlet, a beautiful little longhaired baby currently residing at the Waco Petco (and under Blue Paws Rescue's protection). She is just the ideal little girl to add to your family. Seriously. How cute is she?

And while *I* have a soft spot for longhair males, Ollie has a soft spot for the longhiar girls...and he REALLY thinks Miss Scarlet is cute. Don't you?

Miss Scarlet (at the Waco Petco)


  1. She got adopted on Saturday at Petco!!! HOWEVER... Her identical twin brother, Rhett, is still available! He's still at a foster home in Waco with the sneezes but should be better soon and ready for his time in the spotlight!!!! THANK YOU DONNA AND OLLIE!! Xoxo

  2. Well Ollie will just have to see if he can't twitch his tail and dust baby Rhett with some of his Adopt Me mojo when he's over his sniffles. :)


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