Saturday, February 25, 2012

Shelter Cat Saturday, February 25, 2012

Heading up to Carrollton today to see if Ollie's Adopt-Me Mojo will help a pair of lovely ladies break out of a shelter and into forever homes.

Our first Carollton sweetie is Jenna. She's been at the shelter there for awhile, and she is looking for that forever home where she can be loved, petted and spoiled. Ollie thinks Jenna is the cat's meow and says you really, really, REALLY need to go meet her and take her home!

Jenna in Carrolton

This next little lady had Ollie drooling on my monitor. Miss Cleopatra is a stunning sweetie with REALLY unique coloring. Her under coat is white and her outer coat is black. And Ollie thinks that is an incredibly cool look. (Never knew Ollie had fashion sense, but there you have it.) Miss Cleopatra would be more than willing to grace your home with her presence. She's looking for the forever home that she can turn into a palace. Could it be yours?

Lovely Cleopatra in Carrolton


  1. We purr that Ollie's adoption mojo keeps working; that these lovely ladies get new loving furrever homes very soon! Go Cleo and Jenna!

    Laura & Taffy

    1. Laura,

      I really would like to see better photos of Cleopatra. She looks like she would be stunning. :)


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