Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bloggie update

Meowmy wanted me to let everyone know that the blog move is delayed for probably a couple of weeks.

She and daddy woke up to a flooded house...the dishwasher overflowed and overflowed and overflowed. Me and Howdy had to stay in our room until really late until they got it cleaned up.

I don't mind, though, because I wasn't meant to walk on water and that warm thingy I love has been running and running and running.



  1. Ollie - tell your mom and dad we are sorry about the flood.

    And we missed the great news that you are officially a foster failure - that is what we call it around here when you are being fostered and they "fail" to return you. MOL Concats!!!

  2. Hate those kinds of floods.

    And love the fact you are 'officially' home for good. I'm so very happy for you. Did I say I am partial to Black Cats myself. I am owned by one that could be your twin brother. His name is MikiCato. I adopted him before he became a castaway. The previous owners had just set mom kitty and the 4 kittens out on the carport to fend for themselves when I walked up.

    Hope to see and hear lots and lots from and about you from now on.

  3. Lucky Ollie! And poor meowmy. Floods in the house are awful. My L-room was flooded this winter from an ice dam on the roof. Water flowed across the ceiling (dripping), down through the walls, and out on the floor. Grrrr condos!

    Dry thoughts,

    Laura, Taffy, and (angels) Jet and Venus

  4. Ollie, so glad you found a warm spot. Tell Mom and Dad we hate the dishwasher flooded.

  5. Black cats are keepers :))


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