Sunday, March 13, 2011

Blog vacation


I'd hoped Ollie and I could resume blogging today, but along with the overflowing dishwasher this last week, I swapped out PCs with my husband yesterday, so I'm in the process of getting stuff back up and running.

Because of that, Ollie and I are going to take the week off. We'll resume posting next Sunday, March 20 with the regular Sunday With Ollie feature.

Meanwhile, if anyone knows any black cats who'd like to be our BCF selection, have them take a look at this link ( BCF ) and email me. I hope, too, that when we come back from vacation, we'll also have the new blog location set up (we're working on that this week, too), and I'll post a redirect link for everyone.

Have a good week guys!


  1. We'll be looking for the new blog site.

  2. Granny,

    Did you find it? Your comment got stuck in my email's spam filter and I just now saw this.

    If you didn't find it, it's at


As of 11/3/12, I've had to limit comments on Ollie's blog to only members since it's being hit by a ton of comment spam. If a few weeks, I'll open it back up. Since Ollie is currently on vacation, I don't expect it to be a problem.

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