Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Dance :)

I knew they were getting closer to an understanding. For most of the morning, Howdy has been flopping on the floor and looking up at Ollie...if she had long eyelashes, she'd be batting them. And Ollie has been glancing her way and then tearing down the hall, or giving her long looks from afar.

I told Randall this morning that Howdy's "come hither" looks were going to end in a way Ollie hadn't quite expected.

I was right.

This first picture is with Howdy by the bedroom door and Ollie doing the Laser Light Show on the other side of the gate down the hall. This was just moments before he vaulted the gate and came pelting down the hall towards the bedroom.

And this was the welcome he got.

So for all of Howdy's flirting, she's not quite ready to be his girlfriend. LOL

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  1. I don't recall having seen the first photo before... This is classic guarding behavior. Howdy is staking out her territory by controlling the doorway, not that it seems to have much effect on Ollie, LOL!

    I'm beginning to think that our MChuff and Ollie might be distant relatives, LOL! He just loves to roar past OOT when she's guarding the stairs.



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