Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm getting....


Foster meowmy's heart cat seems to be a little less hissy-spitty at me. Meowmy keeps telling me not to push this, and I'm trying SO hard not to.

But I want to be friends. I keep trying to explain this to Howdy, and she is letting me get within a few feet of her, but I can't look at her too much or she gets all fluffy.

Really. I wonder how long this will take???????????

Foster meowmy says I'm doing really well and she's happy with how Howdy and I are getting along, but I want to get along FASTER! **sigh** Right now, all I can do is run up and down the hall really fast. If I go fast, Howdy doesn't have time to get fluffy. She just watches. Maybe some day we can BOTH run up and down the hall really fast together!

Meowmy also told me she's going to try to take a picture of me and Howdy. I don't know how that will work since we can't sit right next to each other, but I don't know how to take photos, so maybe I'm missing something.

Maybe tomorrow Howdy and I will be friends. I hope so. I want to be her friend SOON!

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