Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm feeling MUCH better!

Foster Meowmy is really happy! I'm really happy!

I've barely sneezed all day. A couple of times this morning when she was in to see me early, but then nothing just now. I'm REALLY glad this is almost over!

I even felt good enough to let her cut my toenails. That's been hanging over her head, she says. And something she said had to be done before I ever met the rest of the crew. I was stretched out purring and kneading this morning, and she just reached over and snipped off my nails. Didn't hurt a bit! So that's done.

And this afternoon? Just now? I got to peek into the hall. There was another CAT! And two dogs, though I think the little one (and he's MUCH smaller than me) wasn't too happy to see my face. Meowmy says I can't really meet the other cat until next week, but I'm gonna get to meet the dogs...I've never had dogs before. I got to see a couple at the shelter, but I've never had one of my very own.

I've been told I have to be extra special nice to the little dog because he's TERRIFIED of cats. Imagine that? Scared of me????? But he is. The other two? Well, I'm not sure about them, but I was told they've always been around cats so they're REALLY friendly. Meowmy said that one of them really loved to play with the cat who lived here before. And they played and played and played. I'm not sure about that, but we'll see how it goes.

I think I'm gonna go lay down awhile. I've found a really good place under the bed. It's PURRFECT...nice and dark and there are no monsters under there either...I checked!

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