Saturday, June 5, 2010

Olli settles in...

At least he's out from under the bed, but I thought it might be too much to ask him to blog. :)

I spent a couple of hours in there this afternoon. Laid down to read and nap, and Ollie joined me immediately. While his nails are still a danger, he's apparently learning to knead more with the bottoms of his feet than with his nails. He's not catching on the sheet nearly as much...nor is he impaling my arm as much as he did earlier in the week.

To give you an idea of what his kneading is like, I've seen it referred to in other cats as "making biscuits"; lets just say what Ollie does is more akin to a Kitchen Aid standmixer with a dough hook attached. He is just that vigorous.

I will say he also is apparently settling down some. He still was purring up a storm and head butting, but after an initial attempt to get as close as he possibly could to me, he sort of curled up a bit away from me. Putting my arm or hand out still got him laying his head on it and purring like mad, but he didn't seem to be afraid that I'd disappear in a puff of smoke.

The hope is that early to mid next week I can at least tip his nails. I've got to get that much done before he comes out (though that won't be until a week from Tuesday that he begins to get transitioned into the rest of the household), but at least if I can tip them first, they won't be quite so likely to rip me to shreds if he protests a closer clipping.

Insert standard stuff here...he's eating well, though tomorrow I'll start transitioning him over to eating on Howdy's schedule, maintaining good weight and his coat looks shedding or flaking. No litterbox issues, and he's very personable with both me and Randall. He's getting a light brushing in the morning since he likes it and it helps him bond to me. He's also enjoying a catnip sock, string thing and most on a string. He's definitely more playful than I would have expected considering his profile listed him as "couch potato."

I will say I Howdy is getting quite insecure, so tomorrow I plan on spending quite a bit of time with her. She's had to sleep in the bathroom while Ollie is in the bedroom, and that's where she's used to sleeping, so she really feels abused. Tomorrow I'll spend some time reassuring her that she's still loved and really number one.

With any luck, Ollie will do a bit of blogging Monday or Tuesday. I'm still not sure how much of the updating here will be him or me. We'll just have to see how he does.

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