Friday, June 11, 2010

A WHOLE 'nother world!!

Foster meowmy let me into HER room today. smelled INCREDIBLE. Dogs and cats and bunnies (dusty ones) and meomy and dad...I was so excited. I talked and talked and talked to let them know just HOW much I enjoyed this.

I tried to be cool....

But there was SO much to see and smell. Just the littlest noise and I was ready to check it out!

This was one of the coolest places...yeah, not my best side, but still, I spent a lot of time checking this out...

What's this? I never did figure it out.

And this? It's VERY bright. And it's on meomy's desk.

And behind her desk was THIS. I was told I couldn't go out there, but I got in a really good look. I was up there for a long, long time.

I finally did sit still for a minute and meowmy got this picture. I have to say, I am a good looking devil.

I also got to see the living room for just a minute before meowmy picked me up and took me back to my room. She said "tomorrow is another day"...but all I can figure that means is I HAVE TO WAIT.


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  1. You have some great pics of him! I'm so glad he's settling in and seems to truly be enjoying himself. Fingers crossed Howdy accepts him soon. :)


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