Saturday, June 26, 2010

!!! Roomie Tonight !!!

Foster meowmy said that since Howdy and I are getting along so well, Howdy can room with ME tonight!!


I told meowmy that I would be EXTRA SPECIAL NICE to Howdy so she'll like rooming with me.

(Meowmy told me she just wanted me to ignore Howdy, but I don't think she means it. Meowny's note: Yes. I do mean it.)

Howdy has been getting closer and closer to me. She still gets hissy-spitty sometimes, but it's not often. She doesn't really get all fluffy anymore when I walk by...well, her tail does a little, but not all the time.

So I think we're gonna be FRIENDS!!!! I am SOOOOOOOOOO excited. I've been hoping and hoping and hoping that would happen.

I just have to remember to be a gentleman and not be PUSHY no matter how bad I want to be good friends.

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